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Chiropractor in Madison, WI
Chiropractor in Madison, WI

Pure Wellness Chiropractic

Your Family's Health Begins with Us.

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Chiropractor in Madison, WI

Auto Injury Chiropractor in Madison, WI

Pediatric Chiropractor in Madison, WI


Chiropractor in Madison, WI

Chiropractic Care

Offer includes:

✅  New Patient Consultation

✅  Comprehensive Examination

✅  Doctor's Report of Findings

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Back pain. Athletic running woman with back injury in sportswear rubbing touching lower ba
Chiropractor in Madison, WI
Chiropractor in Madison, WI
rheumatoid arthritis and repetitive motion injuries,including carpal tunnel syndrome in wo





✅  1st Chiropractic Adjustment

* Insurance and Medicare Regulations may apply.

Is Pain Running Your Life?

When pain is robbing you, selecting the right chiropractor shouldn't leave you feeling frustrated and uncertain. We make the selection process clear, simple, and risk-free, so you can get right to work on restoring the lifestyle you deserve.

Pain-Free Living

Specific Chiropractic Care targets the true causes of your pain, which once addressed, lets you live pain free.

Madison Chiropractor

Your Guide to Health.

We understand what it’s like to know what you need to do but to struggle with evaluating the options, picking the right one for you, and finding someone you can trust.

It can be overwhelming, which is why after 5+ years of treating hundreds of patients successfully, we work with our patients to design specific corrective approaches for your lifestyle and ailments to get you the results you want. 

Madison Chiropractor

Here’s How We Do It:

Building Your Health Program.

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Call to set-up your NO COST, ZERO RISK consultation!

Individual Care

Back to Health

Together, we design an approach for your lifestyle to get you back in the game!

You begin your pain-free journey and empowered life!

What Makes Us Different

Pure Wellness Chiropractic utilizes specific protocols and the most up-to-date technology available to best serve you and your entire family. By objectively analyzing and monitoring the presence of irritation to the central nervous system we are able to provide the highest level of care. 

Infrared Paraspinal Thermography
This specific form of thermography is registered by the FDA under its specific category as a neurodiagnostic procedure. At Pure Wellness Chiropractic, we utilize this technology by taking scans over the spine. Then, a computer algorithm analyzes the specific scans and creates a multi-color graph that indicates whether or not there is nervous system dysfunction in your body.

Laser-Aligned Digital Radiography
Pure Wellness Chiropractic performs specific x-rays that make standard x-rays insufficient. Therefore, we provide our patients with specific high-precision laser-aligned radiography to best care for our patients. The x-ray images are then analyzed by the doctor to specifically determine the misalignment of the vertebrae. Radiographs will only be taken when clinically necessary. 

Specific Chiropractic Adjustments
A specific chiropractic adjustment is only delivered when nervous system dysfunction is present. When clinically necessary, the doctor will perform specific chiropractic adjustments to the areas that need to be addressed in order to restore function within the nervous system. Following the adjustment, you will be given instructions on how to get the most out of your adjustment so we can help you get your health back on track.

Get Your Life Back

Schedule your complimentary consultation today so you can stop being overwhelmed, frustrated, and fed-up with having your life revolve around your condition. Start feeling better and getting back to doing all the things you love to do.

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